Restart your app after updating the package.


  • Fixed some issues related to props types.


  • Removed e.detail because it wasn’t needed.


  • Please update to version 3.5.0 if you were using the 3.4.0 version.


  • Added TypeScript support.


  • Fixed some JSDocs data types.


  • [breaking] Renamed fullClick to halfClick (default: false).
  • [breaking] Renamed excludeByDomNode to excludeElements.
  • [breaking] Renamed excludeByQuerySelector to excludeQuerySelectorAll.
  • Now you can set the excludeElements prop to the element itself instead of wrapping it with an array.
  • Now the excludeQuerySelectorAll prop works the same as the JavaScript querySelectorAll method. It can contain values like "#element1, .element2" and ['#element1', '.element2'].
  • Added custom tag support. Now you can add a prop called tag to your OutClick component and change the wrapper tag. Added with the help of svelte:element.
  • Now you can add custom attributes to render on the wrapper. Added with the help of $$restProps.


  • [breaking] Removed useWrapper prop, because it was unnecessary.
  • [breaking] Removed the default class outclick from the wrapper.
  • [breaking] Renamed excludeByDOMNode to excludeByDomNode
  • [breaking] Added new fullClick prop. Now clicking outside requires pointerdown and pointerup to fire at outside of your element. Set it to false so pointerdown can fire the outclick event on its own.
  • Fix empty class attribute showing up when not using a class.
  • Fix empty style attribute showing up when using the class prop.


  • Changed on:mousedown to on:pointerdown and fixed this issue.


  • Removed ROADMAP.todo.
  • Fixed typo in
  • Rewrite the description in


  • Remplaced exclude prop with excludeByDOMNode and excludeByQuerySelector.
  • Renamed .outclick-wrapper component wrapper class to .outclick.
  • Using on:mousedown and on:keydown instead of on:click.
  • Removed useMousedown and useKeydown props.
  • If you use class prop, display: contents will be removed by default.


  • Added useMousedown and useKeydown props.
  • Fixed this issue.


  • Replaced on:click with on:mousedown and fixed this issue.


  • The exclude prop now accepts HTML class and id instead of DOM nodes.


  • Renamed dispatch detail.self to detail.wrapper.
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