TailwindCSS Addons


npm install -D tailwindcss-addons

How to use it

Add the code below into your tailwind.config.cjs file:

const tailwindcssAddons = require("tailwindcss-addons")
const config = {
	presets: [

The function takes an object as an argument:

  // Here

Default configuration

const defaultConfig = {
  presets: true,
  utilities: {
    dir: true,
    drag: true,
    flexGrid: false, // Not active by default
    flip: true,
    hideShow: true,
    inputResets: true,
    insetCenter: true,
    overflowUnset: true,
    fontWeightRegular: false, // Not active by default
  variants: {
    notVariants: true,

Add or remove

Use true to include and use false to exclude.

  presets: false, // Excluded
  utilities: {
    flexGrid: true, // Included
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