Svelte in Markdown

Hey there! Welcome to Svelte in Markdown. Ever wished you could sprinkle some Svelte magic into your Markdown files? Well, now you can! With Svelte in Markdown, writing Svelte code directly in Markdown is a breeze. Whether you're jazzing up docs, crafting tutorials, or spicing up your content, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to boring Markdown and hello to dynamic, interactive content. Ready to level up your Markdown game? Let's dive in!

What is this?

This library exports a function that acts as a preprocessor for Svelte. It transforms Markdown files into HTML, preparing them for further processing by Svelte or other preprocessors.

This library uses "unified" and its ecosystem, as a transformer, to parse and transform Markdown to HTML.


This library is an alternative to "mdsvex".

When should I use this?

This library is useful when you want to display markdown content on a web page.


This library is built to be used in SvelteKit projects only!

What motivated me to create this?

I developed this project due to the issues and limitations with "mdsvex", which was not receiving updates. Additionally, "mdsvex" is transitioning out of the "unified" ecosystem, which may not be preferred by everyone.

What does it address?


  • Can't use The Module Script (<script> tag with context="module" attribute) in markdown files.
  • Only works in SvelteKit projects.
  • Prettier can't format Svelte code in Markdown files (it formats it like its markdown content), and there's no IntelliSense support.

Somewhat Fixed Limitations

These were previously part of the limitations, but they've been addressed. However, more testing may be needed, so feel free to report any problems you encounter.

  • Only valid HTML syntax is allowed in Markdown files (no Svelte-specific syntax like <svelte: tags).
  • {} in attributes must be wrapped in quotes (e.g., ="{}").
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